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Hello everyone.

I think we are all happy to be out of 2021 and hopeful for a year of less global anguish. We all know someone who has battled Covid and unfortunately some of us have lost friends and loved ones to the virus. We send our love and healing thoughts to all of you and especially those who are fighting to recover from the virus or have lost a dear friend or family member this past year.

We are hunkering down for the next variant wave and taking some extra precautions until Lissa receives her booster shot. We are dialing back visits and masks are required if you do stop by. Expressive eyes will have to suffice for now.

We are doing all we can to slow the ALS progression in Lissa’s body and are hopeful she will be one of those rare cases of reversal. While her breathing and arms are getting weaker, we both have noticed her voice seems a bit stronger at times. A small but significant victory as her body mounts its medicinal, spiritual and energetic defense.

Our anniversary trip to Morro Bay last month was a success! We were even so bold as to take Bodie and Twyla with us for loving emotional support. They both have a boundless reservoir love and are taking good care Lissa during the ebb and flow of her daily life.

Every day brings a new challenge for us to negotiate and we are both thankful for all of our creative improve talents, which we are using to not only problem solve but to help us stay in touch with our sense of self and sense of humor. Levity is a powerful tool.

A handicap Van is in our near future. This will allow for more comfortable trips out in the world and put less stress on Lissa’s body when we travel. The ALS Foundation has suggested Mobility Works as they have a fleet of used vehicles. However, if anyone knows someone selling a van equipped with a ramp and tie downs I would welcome the referral.

Insurance denied a shower chair for Lissa. Apparently, all insurance companies now follow Medicare guidelines and do not consider anything to do with bathing as “Medically Necessary”. Absurd. But the sandbox we are playing in. I have found a work around and our power wheelchair supplier has provided us a loaner.

Many Angels out there…..

You are all part of an amazing community that has helped to sustain us during the past year as we hold ourselves upright and we lean into in the eye of this storm. I thank you all for being steadfast in your love and support of Lissa. You all have become an essential part of TEAM LISSA.

And I would quite frankly be lost without you.

Right now we are having breakfast with both dogs warming our feet and snoozing to the sound of classical music. The rain cleansed hillside is bursting with color and wildlife now, as every window welcomes in the morning sun, announcing that today is shaping up to be a good day.

With love and gratitude.


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