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Love You and Thank You...

Hello. I want to thank everyone for all the help we’ve been receiving. From the occasional dog walk to dinners and donors….you are an amazing community of friends whom I love and cherish.

I have been losing some abilities of late…walking and talking are both becoming more difficult - but- I think all the supplements I am taking and probably some of the meds are helping slow things down. I still can use my upper body and damn! I want to keep it that way!!!

The fabulous Bonita Makuch came over today and we started on an Acupuncture journey. She’s a lovely practitioner and has volunteered to come here twice weekly. I’ve read that Acupuncture can help with ALS - I’m so willing to try.

A shout out to my barn family for taking such amazing care of my other true love, Smokey O’Malley. That mustang is looking good and loved. ❤️♥️s to you.

We’re on the road to finding help with dog walking and care giving- not a road I ever expected to be on honestly, but this is life.

Love you and thank you xox


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