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A Few Adjustments to our Daily Routine

Lissa and I would like to thank everyone for their generous response to her website. The financial gifts, home cooked meals, visits and dog walking have made a huge difference in our lives and allowed us to breath a little easier during this challenging process. It has also helped us purchase some necessary equipment she currently needs that insurance does not cover. The support has been overwhelming and we love and thank all of you for your time, insights and contributions.

We are making a few adjustments to our daily routine.

  1. My family has hired a dog walker for the main big walk in the morning 7 days a week. Help with late afternoon and evening short walks out front are still appreciated.

  2. We have hired a caregiver. She starts Monday October 4th. Monday – Friday 10am-2pm to start. We will adjust schedule as needed.

  3. Diet - ALS often requires specific diet considerations to aid with the digestion process. In Lissa’s case we are now making some changes to adjust to her condition.

Eliminating- caffeine, cheese, beef, pork, tomatoes and still no glutamate products like, soy products, sauces, MSG, and anything with “natural flavors” listed as an ingredient.

Limiting- alcohol and carbonated water.

Increasing- Water intake, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.

Her Portable Power Wheelchair is finally scheduled for delivery next week. This will allow us make more comfortable trips to the barn, visit friends and in general get out of the house more often.

Much Love and gratitude.

Bill & Lissa.

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