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Because of Lissa’s condition, Bill is not able to work. With savings being depleted, there is a real need for financial assistance -- something no one wants to admit. But between medical costs, making the house more accessible, and day to day existence, there is a real struggle.


We set up the "Donate" button which accepts donations of any amount.  If  you so desire, please specify how you want the fund allocated. 


We need to help them with:

  • Medical Bills

  • Equipment for Lissa's condition (ie: electric wheelchair, breathing machine, etc.)

  • Home alterations for accessibility

  • Other

We will be keeping a ledger that we will update here.

P.S.  If you feel more comfortable writing a check rather than using PayPal Donate button below, the home address is:


5875 Carolus Dr., Hollywood CA 90068  

(Please make checks out to Lissa Negrin)

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